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Solar Panel Charger

Solar Panel Charger USB Port Portable High Power Paper Shaped Monocrystalline Silicon for Cell Phone Camping


Solar energy and efficient solar charger circuit.

Environmental protection and energy inexhaustible.

Sunpower Monocrystalline solar cells and Epoxy resin surface seal.

Slim & Light design with 6mm thickness.

Portable and frame design fit for outdoor and indoor usage.

Standard USB output fit for mobile phone and other portable digital devices.



This product cannot contact with strong corrosive objects.

To prevent hard objects surface scratching during operation.

The product cannot endure the bending force during transportation and assembly.



Power: 6.5W (Max)

solar output: 6V 6.5W

Voltage regulator tube output: 5V 1A

Solar open circuit voltage: 6.0V(MAX),

Solar short-circuit current: 1A(MAX),

Output: UBS 5V ,1A

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